About this Website:

This website records my thoughts and thought-processes on the various topics that interest me. Born into a family where my paternal grand-father was an expert and exponent of the ‘srimad bhagavatha purana’ and where my maternal uncles were well versed in the Vedas and Sastras, I became a scientist by training with opportunities to work in some of the best research and development centers of the world. Such scientific and professional training culminated in my successful efforts of entrepreneurship of developing leading software products for engineering analysis. All these while, I was able to continue my study of the Vedas and religious worship that was part of my childhood upbringing, albeit with years of absence from such study during my professional schooling in India as well as during my early years in USA. Not only that, my Eastern upbringing during my early years followed later by years of Western living has enabled me to continue, and delve deeply into, my general reading interests as well as the study of the vast literature of our Vedas.This has allowed me to understand, and appreciate, the orderly and scientific basis of the fundamental truths enunciated in our hoary traditions and the Sanatana Dharma way of life where
the scientific, religious and spiritual merge into one whole. My education, training, knowledge, thoughts and thought-processes have enabled me to integrate myself into a fuller human being with a good level of satisfaction and contentment mainly due to my studies and understanding derived from our hoary literature. I must quickly point out and readily concede that I have long ways to go to understand myself better so as to lead a more complete and fuller life. The reason for creating this website is to share my belief that religion and spirituality, in the Vedic and Sanatana Dharmic context, are consistent with the scientific reasoning and that if scientists are able to add the deep insight that spirituality provides in understanding the basic challenges of life in our universe, such challenges will be able to be solved with ease and better clarity. That having been said, I wish to quickly add that I am not in a position to translate these ideas to text as it is not very easy to do justice to write down my understandings of these ‘integrated’ ideas of science, religion and spirituality in an easily readable form in such a short time; it is going to, and will, take time before my own understandings fully crystallize and are put in text form. In that sense, the readers will not see any unified theory of science and spirituality but instead this website need always to be, and must be, seen as a work-in-progress document. The reader will presently find sections of the website catering to various topics of my interest – science, travel, reading lists, Vedas, Upanishads, current affairs and so on. It is hoped that this organization of the website will enable the readers to develop interests on these various topics and to gradually develop their own understandings on the contents of this website. As newer write-ups are later added on some of the spiritual aspects of the Sanatan Dharma way of life, readers will be able to observe the scientific basis inherent in those thoughts that will gradually lead them to understand nature as a unified whole and not separated into separate compartments of science and spirituality.
Another, but secondary, motivation to develop; this website is to share the development of the electronic version of the ‘Sree Rudram and Chamakam Krama Paata Chanting’ (part of the Vedas) with a wider audience of such chanters of the mantra. Sree Rudram and Chamakam Krama Paata is a specialized form of chanting of one of the very important mantras, Rudram and Chamakam, in praise of Lord Rudra Siva, from the Vedas and has been chanted by the priestly class of Hindus in India and all over the world for over thousands of years. The teaching of the chanting of Rudram and Chamakam and the Vedas has traditionally been based on the ‘gurukula’ method only, with emphasis on the oral form of teaching. Attempts to spread these mantras to wider audiences by the print form have recently started. The creation of an electronic version of the ‘Sree Rudram and Chamakam Krama Paata’ has important and excellent value because the electronic version is suited to easily make corrections if errors in the syntax or swara (intonations used in the chanting) are discovered in a prior published version. Availability of this electronic form, thus, for free download from a website regularly updated is a first of its kind and qualifies for inclusion in the world-wide-web.
The current release of this website contains write-ups that I have developed during the past few years on such disparate and varied topics as a travelogue of an important travel to the ‘char dham, or four sacred places, in the Uttaranchal State of India’ that I undertook in 2006, the notes developed by me since the early 2000s to teach my friends about our hoary culture detailed in our Vedas and Upanishads and other few short notes, that I write occasionally, on various topics of interest to us all.
I would like to add that all readers of this website are welcome to share their views on the various topics herein. Additionally, all readers are free to raise questions on any aspect of this website including topical content. While all efforts are made to provide accurate, easily-understandable explanations, it is possible that errors of a simple and in some cases, even serious nature may have crept in. An interactive web-site with good participation by the readers will significantly help to remove any such errors that may have crept in and also add to the creation of a vibrant and healthy website that continually upholds the highest standards of accuracy.
I have great pleasure to acknowledge the following persons whose help and suggestions contributed immensely to the creation, development and the final form of this website. To my wife Sarasa who has provided all encouragement and support to me in all my various activities including the development of this website. I have often benefited from her ready willingness to patiently listen by bouncing off my various ideas & in the process refining them to a shape and form that we both are comfortable with. To my son Sekhar who suggested that I include in the homepage a summary write-up of all topics in the website; to my son-in-law Kirit who recommended that I review some sample websites and blogs that he feels are particularly beneficial in this regard; to my daughter Kala and to my daughter-in-law Monali for their overall helpful suggestions. To ‘executive secretary Ms. Indu Krishnan’, and to ‘the Marcomm (Marketing Communications) team’, of CSM Software private Limited, Bangalore, India (‘www.csmsoftware.com’), who designed and developed the format, font styles and layout of the website. Indu Krishnan acted as the web master by coordinating my suggestions with those of the Marcomm team and of her own to arrive at this particular final form of this site. She was ably supported and assisted by the CSM Marcomm team of Shilpy, Suresh, Revathi and Lino. Shilpy’s help with the layout of the website is invaluable. Suresh developed the ‘gif animated images’ used in the ‘About the Author’ page that has enhanced that page significantly. Revathi and Lino helped in various ways including the hosting of the website. My sincere thanks and deep appreciation to each and every one of these persons acknowledged herein; without their help and suggestions, this website would not have reached the final shape it has assumed.
I believe that the ideas contained in this website are worth sharing with many youngsters lacking in the dual perspectives of my Eastern upbringing and Western living and who face immense challenges from today’s knowledge-based highly competitive world. With these words of introduction, here is a warm welcome, and invitation, to my website!