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The 'mantras' added in this section are provided in pdf form to me by my grand-nephew, Mr. Kumar Subramanian (also known Kumar S Iyer) of Dubai. Kumar is the grand-son of my uncle, Brahmasri Nochur Narayana Ramaswamy Sastrigal of Sringeri Mutt, Kalady, Kerala.

Kumar has graduate degrees in Mathematics, Electronics and Communications and Post-graduate degree in Management with Marketing as specialty. He is presently Head of Operations (Client Services) for Healthcare Informatics Division of a group based out of Dubai.

Following his Upanayanam, he learnt Veda for a year from his grand-father, Brahmasri N. N. Ramaswamy Sastrigal who was managing the Kalady Mutt for Sringeri Peetham at the time. Later on, he studied Vedas, while in Muscat, under Guru Sri K. Vaidyanathan (of Ramanathapuram, Palghat, Kerala), a Vedic scholar and Financial Professional as Chartered Accountant and CFO of group of companies in Muscat. Kumar has also continued his studies under 'Swadhyaya (self-study)'.

During the past ten years and more, Kumar has been teaching Veda in Dubai to his colleagues and their siblings. As of this writing, he has taught Vedas to over 70 disciples. These disciples, along with Kumar, do chanting at chanting sessions most weekends in Dubai. They also organize, and conduct, events like Ekadasa Rudram, Maharudram etc. and chant these Veda mantras on other ceremonial occasions in Dubai.

These mantras are provided in easily downloadable formats. This website, and its author, express their deep appreciation to Kumar for offering the pdf files of these mantras for inclusion at this site.

 - Dr. R. Swami Narayanaswami , July 12, 2012