About this website

This website has been re-designed with the current best practices of website creation but essentially retains the contents of the website as it was originally released in 2009 and updated during later years until 2015 or so. As part of this upgrade, certain changes are made – for example, slight editorial enhancements of certain sections, the deletion in its entirety of the write-up on Upanishads and the addition in its place of the user-selectable direct entry to the website of author’s October-2020 released Amazon Kindle book, ‘Understanding the Vedas’ etc. It is hoped that these changes have added value to this website, besides easier and better functionality due to upgrade to current best practices of website development.

This website records my experiences and understandings gleaned thus far in my life including an attempt at codifying my thoughts and thought-processes. Having so stated, I am immediately open to the question whether I believe that my experiences and understandings have meaning and relevance to others, that they will be interested to read, learn and benefit from the ideas discussed in the web-site. An additional, and larger, question can also be posed whether uniqueness, a necessary requirement, can be claimed for the writings on this site.

The answer to these questions is simple in my own mind. Neither a belief of extraordinary value of this website to others nor any claims of uniqueness, beyond an occasional one
here and there, is implied in my decision to develop this web-site. This site is simply intended to serve as a forum for expressing the various ideas, thoughts and thought-processes that have occurred during this lifetime of mine. By my own accounts, I have varied interests including, but not limited to, professional studies in the engineering field including teaching, research and entrepreneurship; basic understanding and deep faith in the Sanatana Dharma way of life including our hoary scriptures; reading interests; interests in finance and management including affairs of state; interests in sports; interests to travel and to the writing of travelogues; interests to debates and articulation of viewpoints; in short almost many differing and different type of interests spanning a wide spectrum. The hope therefore is that the ideas and thought-processes of such an individual may help others in either strengthening their current interests or acquiring new interests; at a minimum, allow readers to look at things differently than previously. The few topics that are discussed herein as the site is released in early 2009 and the future hoped-for additions on other topics, thus, may provide the readers of the site something of interest, that in, and of, itself is considered a worthy goal for starting this website. Additional claims for this website, in particular the question related to uniqueness, are the possibility of unique items appearing in the website in its initial release and in its ongoing updates as in the provision of an electronic version of the Devanagiri script of the Sree Rudra Krama Paata provided herein. Whereas many print versions of the Krama Paata are available, this appears to me as the first effort to provide an Electronic Downloadable Version of this Yajur Vedic Mantra The Sree Rudra Krama Paatha.

You, the readers, are the judge how my goal for this website and your interests meet. It is my hope that your perusal of this site, indeed, will benefit you to advance some aspects of your personal and professional interests. It is my intent to keep this website updated with new articles and to address questions, suggestions and concerns expressed by readers. So, read on and use the Visitor’s comments section to provide your suggestions to make this site useful to you and to your friends.