Krama Paatha of Namakam & Chamakam - Additional Assistance

It is with pleasure that I issue the second edition of the ‘Sreerudram and Chamakam Krama Paatah’ first, and foremost, to correct the typographical errors that crept into the first edition in spite of careful proof-reading, and, secondly, to replenish the few remaining copies of the first edition. Additionally, a significant, and equally important, reason in proceeding now to issue this second edition is the inclusion of this revised second edition, with all known corrections to the first version in my website, ‘’ and that too with free-download provision. Making available an electronic version with free download provision is the best way, in my opinion, to provide access to the ‘Sreerudram and Chamakam Krama Paatha’ to all interested students and scholars of ‘Sree Rudram’.


I express my appreciation to Mr. Shankar A. Iyer of Washington, D. C. for his painstaking effort to go through the first edition and for suggesting typographical errors and other corrections. I am also thankful to Ms. Indu Krishnan, Ms. Jyothirmayee Krishnakumar and Mr. Vishwaprabha of Kuwait for making all the changes, bringing out the revised edition and for setting up the ‘krama paatha’ on my website for easy down-loading.


An omission of acknowledgement of the constant, continuing and invaluable help received by me from my wife, Sarasa, occurred in the first edition. It is with pleasure that I correct herein that omission by expressly, and explicitly, acknowledging her great help for all of my endeavors – professional, religious and spiritual – including the publication of this ‘Krama Paatah’. She is truly my ‘dharma patni’ (Sanskrit word meaning ‘dharmic wife’), without whose rightful, and dharmic, support, I would not have been able to accomplish much of what I have been able to achieve.


If this revised edition, or the download from my website, allows students and scholars of ‘Sreerudram and Chamakam Krama Paatah’ to continue the learning, and chanting, of the ‘Krama Japam’, my efforts in publishing these printed and electronic versions will be amply rewarded.